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Episode 36 Sales Navigator Activities That Bankers LOVE!

Sales Navigator Activities That Bankers LOVE!

In this episode, hosts Jack Hubbard and Brynne Tillman delve into the realm of Sales Navigator, revealing pivotal strategies for bankers. The episode kicks off by spotlighting the first activity: the adept use of Sales Navigator to precisely identify ideal prospects based on title, location, and even zip codes. Brynne highlights the platform's robust search engine, empowering bankers to strategically focus on specific areas and effectively engage with their target audience. The discussion extends to the strategic use of personas, offering insights into connecting with key individuals within targeted companies.

As a bonus, Brynne unveils upcoming AI features set to enhance Sales Navigator in Q1. The conversational filters, streamlines the filtering process by allowing users to input criteria, enabling Sales Navigator to generate a refined prospect list. The Account IQ, proves to be a game-changer for bankers, providing real-time insights gleaned from online sources, keeping bankers well-informed about their prospects' recent activities and priorities. Tune in for a comprehensive guide on leveraging Sales Navigator to elevate banking strategies.

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