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The buyer's journey has forever changed. Buyers are now researchers, explorers, self-educators, and collaborative decision-makers. This has transformed the bank-to-business sales process. 

Our proven approach to seamlessly integrating LinkedIn into the daily routine breaks through the noise, gains access to stakeholders, and positions Bankers as thought leaders and subject matter experts.

Convert connections to trust-based conversations and conversations to new and lasting relationships, the modern way.



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Jack Hubbard has shared his passion for what it takes to build trust-based sales initiatives in banking for 50 years. With nearly 80,000 financial services professionals personally trained and coached, Jack is one of banking’s most sought-after facilitators. An author, classroom instructor, and thought leader, his expertise and out-of-the-box thinking put him in great demand when the subject matter is social selling for bankers, bank-to-business conversations, and sales leadership.

Jack is a regular keynote presenter for state and national banking associations and has instructed at 13 of the nation’s top banking schools, where his humorous style and street-savvy approach continue to earn him top honors. Hubbard served 32 years as an award-winning faculty member of ABA’s School of Bank Marketing and Management. He was also a popular, two-decade instructor at ABA’s Stonier Graduate School of Banking. Jack is a top-rated instructor at the Graduate School of Banking in Madison, WI, and The Perry School of Banking. He is also a co-section leader of GSB’s Sales and Marketing School.

A prolific writer, Jack’s content is regularly posted on LinkedIn and in many industry publications. His bestselling book Conversations With Prospects has become the standard for new client acquisition strategies in banking. Jack manages the Business Banking Network, and his LinkedIn Group #RantPack features his popular blog, Jack Rants.

Jack serves on the Board of Directors of St. Charles Bank & Trust, a $2 billion affiliate of Wintrust Financial in Illinois.

Brynne Tillman has trained more than 100,000 Entrepreneurs, sales teams, sales trainers, and business leaders on how to leverage LinkedIn for social selling and has been in the industry for over a decade. With nearly 68,000 followers, Brynne is widely known as The LinkedIn Whisperer and the CEO of Social Sales Link.

As a former banker, sales trainer, and top personal producer, Brynne internalized the best traditional sales techniques and adapted them to the new digital world. She guides professionals to establish a thought leader and subject matter expert brand, find and engage the right targeted market, and leverage clients and networking partners for warm introductions to qualified buyers.

In addition, Brynne is the Co-host of the Making Sales Social podcast and author of The LinkedIn Sales Playbook, a Tactical Guide to Social Selling.

Mastering LinkedIn for Bankers
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