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Episode 44 5 KPIs Bank Leaders Should Use for Selling on LinkedIn

5 KPIs Bank Leaders Should Use for Selling on LinkedIn

In this episode, your hosts Jack Hubbard and Brynne Tillman guide bank sales leaders through essential strategies for leveraging LinkedIn in the new year. They delve into the importance of a completed and branded profile, connection growth, client referrals, and networking introductions as key performance indicators. The episode concludes with an exciting announcement about the upcoming LinkedIn Sales Training 2024, a four-week program designed to empower bankers with effective LinkedIn strategies. Join Jack and Brynne for a dynamic discussion that sets the stage for a successful year of LinkedIn-based selling in the banking industry.

Listeners can expect actionable insights on optimizing LinkedIn profiles, expanding connections strategically, leveraging client referrals, and mastering warm market prospecting. With Brynne's expertise as a 2023 LinkedIn Sales Influencer, this podcast equips bank leaders with the tools they need to navigate the evolving landscape of digital sales. Don't miss out on this valuable resource to kickstart your LinkedIn strategy and thrive in 2024

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