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Episode 42 Answering Banker's Questions About 2024

Answering Banker's Questions About 2024

In today's episode, Jack delves into the challenges facing banks in the United States and seeks solutions to key issues.

Jack starts by discussing safety concerns and highlights the importance of communicating banks' safety effectively. He touches on the Bauer ratings, emphasizing the significance of a five-star Bauer rating for ultimate safety. The conversation then navigates through challenges like rising interest rates, the slowing housing market, talent acquisition, loan demand, deposit diminishment, and shrinking net interest margins.

Brynne emphasizes the need for bankers to stay visible on LinkedIn, grow their networks, and engage in physical networking meetings. She suggests connecting with potential clients and referral partners, taking inventory of networks, and leveraging social proximity for mutual introductions.

The conversation evolves into a discussion on deepening client relationships. Brynne advises bankers to talk to clients, endorse their skills, write recommendations, and utilize video messages to add a personal touch. She encourages bankers to proactively connect with various stakeholders within client organizations and organize coffee meetings to build a community of referral partners.

The podcast also addresses the challenge of content visibility on LinkedIn. Brynne and Jack share strategies for creating engaging content, utilizing polls, and leveraging LinkedIn's messaging features to reach specific connections. They stress the importance of consistency, relevance, and curiosity-inducing content to enhance engagement.

In the final segment, Brynne provides actionable daily practices for bankers on LinkedIn. These include engaging with prospects and clients, reposting relevant content, and preparing referral requests based on upcoming meetings.

Tune in for a dynamic discussion on navigating the banking landscape in 2024 and leveraging LinkedIn for effective business growth.

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