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Episode 47: Anthony Iannarino

Deep Dive into Positivity, Resilience & AI

In this episode, Jack Hubbard interviews Anthony Iannarino, a renowned author of five bestselling books, including "Eat Their Lunch” and Elite Sales Strategies and a leading figure in the sales and marketing arena.
The main focus of this episode centers around Anthony's latest book, "The Negativity Fast." Jack and Anthony discuss the challenges in the sales landscape in 2024, highlighting the lack of training in consultative strategies and the erosion of research and reading in the industry. Anthony expresses his concerns about the future of B2B sales, citing demographic trends and the potential decrease in demand for salespeople.
The conversation takes a turn towards the impact of negativity on individuals, exploring the biological, psychological, and sociological aspects. Anthony introduces practical strategies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy and the power of gratitude. The episode concludes with a teaser for Anthony's upcoming book with Jeb Blunt, "The AI Edge," providing insights into the collaboration and the innovative prompts they are developing. Join us for a deep dive into the world of sales, resilience, and strategies for navigating the challenges of the modern business landscape with Anthony Iannarino on Jack Rants with Modern Bankers.

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