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Episode 10: Phil Simon

The Nine: The Tectonic Forces Reshaping the Workplace - Insights with Phil Simon

In the 10th episode of "Jack Rants With Modern Bankers," we have the privilege of hosting the brilliant Phil Simon, a distinguished expert in workplace collaboration and technology. With a wealth of knowledge, academic accomplishments, and a string of best-selling books under his belt, Phil brings a fresh perspective on reshaping the workplace. His latest book, "The Nine: The Tectonic Forces Reshaping the Workplace," is a game changer and essential read for bankers and business leaders.

In this riveting interview, Phil discusses the future of automation, the impact of generative AI, and the challenges of physical dispersion. Gain valuable insights into performance measurement, fractional roles, and how real estate owners are adapting to the changing workspace landscape. Don't miss this enlightening episode as we explore the cutting-edge ideas and practical solutions that will transform the workplace as we know it.

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