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Episode 26: How Bankers Can Spot Fake Profiles

How Bankers Can Spot Fake Profiles

In this episode,  we delve into the world of fake LinkedIn profiles and how to identify them. Unfortunately, fake profiles are on the rise, and it's crucial for bankers to be equipped with the knowledge to spot them and protect themselves from scams.

Brynne Tillman and Jack Hubbard discuss various red flags, such as unrealistic profile photos, unprofessional messaging, connection count, third-degree connections, inconsistent dates, and unrelated skills. They also emphasize the importance of due diligence before accepting connection requests and how to engage with potential connections effectively.

Join us in this informative episode to sharpen your skills in detecting and handling fake LinkedIn profiles, ensuring a safe and productive networking experience on this professional platform. Don't fall victim to scams; learn how to protect your online presence as a banker.

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