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Episode 28 Converting Content to Conversations

Converting Content to Conversations

In the latest episode of Jack Rants with Brynne - Converting Content to Conversations. Jack Hubbard and Brynne Tillman delve into the art of making content resonate with audiences for meaningful engagement. Brynne introduces her five essential elements for successful content conversion, emphasizing the need for resonance and generating compelling moments that drive audience interaction.

The episode explores various types of content, such as original and curated content, highlighting the importance of delivering value and relevance to the target audience. Jack shares his unique approach of dedicating days to specific influencers, to build rapport and engagement. The hosts also discuss posting frequency, cautioning against sharing content for the sake of it and emphasizing the significance of quality over quantity. 

The episode concludes with insights into collaborative articles, LinkedIn's AI-generated content encouraging thought leaders to contribute and engage with prospects. Join Jack and Brynne as they unravel the secrets of converting content into meaningful conversations and building lasting connections in the realm of social selling.

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