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Episode 5: Colleen Stanley

Revolutionizing Sales Through Emotional Intelligence: A Conversation with Colleen Stanley

Episode five of "Jack Rants With Modern Bankers," features respected sales consultant and bestselling author, Colleen Stanley. With an impressive background and using a trailblazing approach, Colleen is the author of two groundbreaking books, "Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success: Connect with Customers and Get Results" and "Emotional Intelligence for Sales Leadership: The Secret to Building High-Performance Sales Teams." Colleen has trained countless sales professionals and influenced organizations of all sizes, earning her recognition as a top sales influencer of the 21st century.

Colleen shares her unique perspective on the interplay between emotional intelligence and the art of sales, discussing her influential books and her extensive experience in training sales professionals. Explore the nuances of virtual selling, the crucial role of empathy, and the strategic adaptation to ever-evolving challenges. Delve into the world of sales leadership, resilience, and effective communication strategies that enhance client relationships and foster success in the banking industry and beyond. This conversation helps listeners redefine the role of emotional intelligence in shaping the future of sales and leadership.

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