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Episode 6: Jeff Marisco

Mastering Community Banking Dynamics: Insights from Jeff Marsico

In the thought-provoking sixth episode of "Jack Rants With Modern Bankers," esteemed guest Jeff Marsico takes center stage to share his deep insights and expertise on the intricacies of community banking. Host Jack Hubbard engages in a captivating dialogue that delves into various dimensions of the industry, from performance management to mergers and acquisitions, board effectiveness, and beyond.

As the Founder of The Kafafian Group, a distinguished consulting firm specializing in financial institutions, Jeff provides a holistic perspective on the challenges and opportunities faced by community banks. Tune in to discover Jeff's astute observations about deposit dynamics, loyalty, and the evolving landscape of commercial real estate, offering a glimpse into the future trends that will shape the banking industry. Don't miss this episode for an illuminating conversation that bridges strategy, marketing, and growth.

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