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Episode 46 How Bankers will Use Social Listening in 2024

How Bankers will Use Social Listening in 2024

In today's episode, our hosts, Brynne Tillman and Jack Hubbard, dive into the powerful practice of social listening. They discuss how identifying customer needs and concerns based on their online activity can be a game-changer for bankers.

Brynne emphasizes the critical role of social listening in understanding the needs of prospects, clients, industry trends, and even colleagues from other banks and institutions. She highlights its impact on outreach, relationship deepening, customer retention, and attraction.

Jack shares valuable insights on following industry leaders and institutions to stay informed about trends and gain actionable insights. He emphasizes the importance of staying engaged with relevant content and leveraging resources like Google Alerts.

Tune in as they discuss practical ways to implement social listening, including using hashtags on platforms like LinkedIn, exploring company websites, and actively participating in community events. Brynne introduces the concept of "ringing the bell" on LinkedIn to receive real-time notifications when connections share content.

Join us in this episode as we unlock the secrets of effective social listening in the modern banking landscape. Stay tuned for more insights, tips, and strategies to thrive as a banker in the digital era.

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