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Episode 45: Ned Miller

Navigating the Banking Landscape: Insights for 2024

In this episode, Your host, Jack Hubbard is joined by Ned Miller, founder of Third Act Sales Consulting, and a strategic partner at InnerView Group. Listen as he shares his insights for this year, 2024, predicting both challenges and opportunities for the industry. He explores the importance of making banking more attractive for college students, emphasizing the need for innovative recruiting approaches and early engagement with young talents.
The conversation shifts to the evolving landscape of commercial banking sales in 2024. Ned discusses the changing role of branch managers, the need for strategic thinking, and the importance of focusing on customer relationships rather than just products. Jack and Ned delve into the significance of prospecting, utilizing LinkedIn as a valuable tool in the sales process, and the need for thoughtful content creation.
The episode concludes with a discussion on coaching and sales leadership, highlighting the importance of effective coaching strategies and the role of mentorship within the banking industry. Join Jack and Ned as they navigate the intricate challenges and exciting opportunities that lie ahead for banking professionals for this year.

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