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LinkedIn for Bankers: Program Rollout Checklist

Discover the winning formula for social selling success with "LinkedIn for Bankers: Program Rollout Checklist." Avoid pitfalls and safeguard your reputation as we share vital steps to ensure sustainable success. Learn to:

  • Define clear goals and establish measurable KPIs for your social selling program.
  • Identify and map your target buyers to maximize your outreach efforts.
  • Transform your LinkedIn profile into a compelling resource that attracts and engages buyers.
  • Utilize digital productivity tools like Calendly, Canva, Feedly, Zoom, and Dubb for effective sales conversations.
  • Implement three proven content strategies: creating original content, curating industry trends, and engaging with the right audience.
  • Tailor workflows and templates to optimize daily, weekly, and monthly activities.
  • Provide LinkedIn training and support for your sales team to master social selling.
  • Coach for improvement by measuring KPIs and offering ongoing guidance for success.

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