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Episode 35: David Kurkjian

Selling Smart: Strategies & Innovations with David Kurkjian

In today's episode, seasoned sales expert David Kurkjian shares invaluable insights into the common pitfalls of sales professionals and offers practical solutions. He highlights the tendency to overshare information and stresses the importance of maintaining focus on solving the prospect's specific problem. David also introduces innovative approaches, such as incorporating whiteboarding in virtual meetings, to set sales professionals apart in a crowded market. As the conversation progresses, he delves into the art of storytelling, emphasizing its power in creating memorable and impactful sales conversations.
The episode further unravels the intricacies of value propositions, contrasting them with value positions, and explores the significance of negotiation strategies. David provides practical tips on avoiding common negotiation pitfalls and ensuring a mutually satisfying outcome for both the salesperson and the prospect. Tune in for engaging discussions and expert insights to elevate your sales game.

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