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Episode 40 This Old Banker

This Old Banker

Discover the power of asking the right questions as a banker and why it's crucial to be more interested than “interesting” in networking events.

Jack explores the essence of being client-centric and emphasizes the importance of finding the right fit in banking relationships. Drawing on historical banking challenges and crises, he sheds light on the evolving landscape of the industry. Listen as Jack shares success practices, practical ideas for prospecting, and unique approaches like "logo day" for sourcing potential clients.

Learn the secrets of effective voicemail strategies, the art of the "first call six" questions, and the importance of understanding your client's decision-making process. Jack wraps up with valuable insights on uncovering competition, identifying trusted advisors, and recommended books.

Tune in to Jack Rants with Brynne: This Old Banker for a journey through the ever-changing world of banking, where Jack's experience and expertise bring valuable perspectives to both seasoned bankers and those new to the field.

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