Prospecting by Interview

An innovative fun and exciting way that business development professionals can start trust based conversations without being salesy.


In an ever-evolving business landscape, staying ahead is not an option; it's a necessity. With "Prospecting by Interview," business development professionals can start a trust based conversations without being salesy. We will capture your genius, extract the very essence of your knowledge and turn it into a captivating eBook content that engages and captivates your audience.

Picture a profile makeover that transforms your online persona into a magnet for potential clients, a streamlined calendar that keeps you on top of your game, and a carefully crafted prospect list that ensures you're targeting the right people.

Add to that personalized email templates and a tailored outreach cadence for that perfect first impression.

Investment: $2500 Every Month

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Prospecting by Interview

Interview for eBook Content - We will engage with you to extract unique insights, turning your knowledge into captivating eBook content that will engage and impress your audience.

✅ Profile Makeover
- Let us help you put your best foot forward. We'll optimize your online presence, making sure your profile is a magnet for potential clients.

✅ Calendar Set-Up - Simplify your life. We'll assist you in organizing your schedule for maximum efficiency, ensuring you stay on top of your outreach game.

✅ Build a Prospect List
- Leverage our expertise to create a high-quality list of potential leads, ensuring you're targeting the right people at the right time.

✅ Write Templates and Cadence - Our team will craft personalized email templates and a tailored cadence to guarantee your outreach messages hit the mark.

✅ Review eBook
- We'll work with you to ensure your eBook is polished to perfection, with expert editing and feedback.

You're ready to go! We'll guide you through the process and reaching your prospects with confidence.

Monthly Maintenance: Stay Ahead

Your journey doesn't end with Month One; it's just the beginning. Take your prospecting excellence to the next level by continuing your journey and staying ahead with the program. Month after month, we'll be your trusted partner, ensuring that your content remains fresh, your prospects are up-to-date, and your outreach strategy is finely tuned. You'll continue to benefit from engaging eBook interviews, meticulously curated prospect lists, and personalized outreach templates. As your campaign evolves, so will we, adapting your strategy to maintain peak performance.




Interview for eBook Content

Our continuous support means you can keep generating fresh eBook content that captivates your audience.




Tailor Templates and Cadence

As your campaign evolves, we'll adjust your outreach strategy to maintain peak performance.




Build a Prospect List

Each month. We refine your prospect list, ensuring you're always reaching the right people.




Review eBook

Your content will always be top-notch with our regular review and editing





We'll keep you on track with monthly launches, so you're consistently generating leads.

Your Investment:

$2500 per month, unlocking the full potential of Prospecting by Interview ensuring you receive ongoing support and the tools you need for continued success.

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