The Modern Banker eBooks

The Modern Banker's ebook compilation is a comprehensive collection of digital books tailored to address the evolving landscape of the banking industry. This compilation equips bankers with valuable insights and knowledge and will serve as an indispensable resource for professionals seeking to stay ahead in their field.

From Commercial Banker to Thought Leader

21 Tenets of Social Selling

LinkedIn for In-Person Events

Converting Lurkers Into Engagers

LinkedIn Live and Your Sales Content Strategy

Writing a Powerful LinkedIn About Summary for Sales Professionals

10 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn and Your Alumni for Sales

To Follow or Not to Follow (On LinkedIn)

Mastering LinkedIn for Leaders

Out of Office Rant

Sales Call Reporting

LinkedIn for Bankers: Program Rollout Checklist

10 Quick Steps to Becoming a Prolific Producer Without Writing

10 Social Selling Commandments

11 LinkedIn Tips for Bankers

5 Things We Want from Our Clients