With nearly 80% of generated leads and more than 900 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is the world's most ubiquitous networking marketplace. Study after study indicates that more initial appointments are generated through this platform, and it's also been reported that individual and team success is up by 50% when LinkedIn is in the mix.

Financial services lag behind others when it comes to using LinkedIn as a connecting, value, and education portal.

The reasons are:

  • Little to no formal training is provided beyond the initial setup

  • Bankers don't understand how to use social selling as an education and value tool

  • Leadership and coaching around connecting LinkedIn to the sales process is missing

With more than 100,000 sales professionals and sales leaders trained, we know how to help bankers seamlessly integrate LinkedIn into banker routines that convert connections into conversations.

Our system creates:

  • ROT - Return On Time from LinkedIn activities

  • ROC - Return On Connections made

  • ROI - Return On Investment with new and deepened relationships

Mastering LinkedIn for Bankers is for bankers and built by bankers. This multi-faceted system blends practical, on-demand learning with LIVE coaching and other resources to guide bankers to LinkedIn excellence.


The 12-month membership includes:

  • Seven Sprints with deep dives into every aspect of LinkedIn — small bites to make learning easy

  • LIVE group coaching every Tuesday to map out key strategies and tactics and to bring Mastering LinkedIn for Bankers to life

  • Recorded mini-sprints keeping members ahead of the game when it comes to trends and new/revised LinkedIn features

  • LIVE monthly team leader office hour mentoring featuring tools and ideas for sales meetings, one-on-ones, and behavioral coaching — helping to maximize ROI

  • Leadership Resource Guide to integrate the system into team meetings, one-on-ones, and coaching

  • Members-Only Resource Center - continually updated - with Master Classes, recorded highlights from LIVE coaching and much more

  • 24/7 Q&A community with LinkedIn questions answered within 24 hours

  • Newly added colleagues can join at no additional cost during the 12 months

Additional Member Benefits

  • Mastering LinkedIn for Support Bankers - targeted training to help internal partners improve their own LinkedIn competencies and to guide associates to amplify the activities of the entire organization

  • Mastering LinkedIn for Board Members - special modules targeted for Board of Directors and Advisory Boards to help foster referrals and to improve their own efforts on LinkedIn

  • Relationship Rants - Jack Hubbard shares recorded tips and tools from his 50 years teaching bank to business selling

The entire organization can access Mastering LinkedIn for Bankers anytime, anywhere, at their desk, phone, or tablet. It's the modern way to learn.

Here's what a Business Banking Executive wrote about Jack and Brynne's Training:

"Thank you both for the fantastic LinkedIn training. The pace was perfect. The subject matter more than relevant. The instruction was engaging. Our bankers and Advisory Board members arrived ill-equipped to use LinkedIn and left looking and feeling like seasoned pros. One banker earned seven appointments the day after the class. Amazing!"

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