The Sprints

Seven dynamic learning modules focused on every aspect of LinkedIn. In short, learning blast participants learn then do – immediately transferring new skills to their sales toolkit.

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Sprint One:

Mindset and Foundation

Selling success begins with the right mindset and philosophy; social selling is no different. Sprint One will help you sell with authenticity, in service to your buyers, and with a high level of credibility. Look forward to learning:

  • The 5Cs of Trust-Based selling
  • Debunking LinkedIn myths
  • Key elements of the taskbar

Sprint Two:
Social Listening

The key to attracting new customers is understanding what matters to them, and the same principle applies to LinkedIn connections. Sprint Two discusses recognizing your buyers’ needs, interests, challenges in their industry, and even their customers. This helps you engage with their priorities…not yours. Get ready to discover:

  • Why macro and micro listening are important
  • Where to find engagement opportunities and with who
  • Why ringing their bell is a difference maker

Sprint Three:
Value-Centric Profile

All roads lead back to the Profile, and it is essential that bankers migrate this powerful 24/7 branding tool from a resume to a resource. Buyers immediately recognize the value you bring and then want to see more. Sprint Three guides you through key components of your Profile that convert visitors to connections and connections to conversations. Find out how to:

  • Lead TO not WITH your solution
  • Create curiosity and teach your audience something new
  • Get buyers interested in taking your call

Sprint Four:
Content and Engagement

Thought leadership happens when others begin to see you as someone who can help grow their business. In Sprint Four, you will learn how to easily curate, create, and engage with content that starts conversations with your targeted audience. Look forward to learning these techniques:

  • The ask/offer ratio
  • The through leader’s mindset
  • Ways to execute content sharing, including LinkedIn Live

Sprint Five:
Nurture Your Connections

If you are like most sales professionals, you are connected to hundreds, maybe thousands of people. Some of them, you may not know who they are or what they do, or even ever had a conversation with. In Sprint Five, you will learn the steps needed to take inventory of your Connections and identify clients, prospects, and referral partners you may have been ignoring. Re-engaging with your Connections in meaningful ways that open new doors and new business opportunities is also covered in depth in this sprint. What you'll learn:

  • Key proactive and reactive connection strategies
  • Performing CPR on your network
  • The power of giving and receiving Recommendations

Sprint Six:
Warm Market Prospecting

The best and most cost-efficient business is generated from client referrals and networking partners, but asking for referrals is never enough. Leveraging LinkedIn to identify who you want to meet from within your own network is the key to truly mastering the platform for social selling. In Sprint Six, you learn how to earn more referrals on a continuous basis without being annoying or “salesy.” Look forward to mastering the following:

  • Social Proximity strategies
  • Buyer Mapping to target opportunities
  • How to hold referral conversations with new and existing Connections

BONUS Sprint Seven:
Leveraging Sales Navigator

Sprint Seven introduces LinkedIn’s most powerful prospecting tool. You learn how to integrate Sales Navigator into your business development activities. Discover how to:

  • Create a list of targeted accounts
  • Develop and follow key leads through advanced filters
  • Employ SmartLinks to monitor engagement on sent documents
  • Use InMail to begin conversations with prospects

Bonus Resources

LIVE Weekly Office Hour Coaching

Join us every Tuesday from 12:00 -1:00 PM Eastern time for an interactive group coaching session. We answer your questions, discuss key topics and help guide your LinkedIn strategies with practical ideas and successful practices. Can’t make it every week? Office hour sessions are recorded and are available for playback anytime, anywhere.

LIVE Monthly Office Hour Leadership Coaching

The team leader is the linchpin to holding bankers accountable for the skills they learn in Mastering LinkedIn for Bankers. To help guide your efforts, our team meets with leaders monthly in a live virtual forum. We discuss topics for team meetings, questions to ask during one on ones, and behavioral coaching strategies.

Leadership Resource Guide

This tool helps leaders better prepare for meetings, one-on-ones, and coaching when the topic of conversation is LinkedIn.

Social Selling Content Library

Access dozens of podcasts, eBooks, articles, and webinars to help guide your journey toward LinkedIn excellence. Practical ideas, success practices, and checklists are added regularly and available 24/7 at the click of a button.

Mini-Sprints – Just in Time Learning

LinkedIn continuously upgrades and modifies its features, and staying on top of these many changes can be challenging. Our team monitors these improvements, and from time to time, we create short recordings to help you understand what they mean, how they affect your activities on the platform, and, more importantly, how to put them into practice.

24/7 Community

Mastering LinkedIn for Bankers is comprehensive and packed with practical ideas. Situations may arise where help from an outside resource might be of benefit. You’ve got it. Our team will answer all LinkedIn-related questions to help you make the most of your experience on the platform.

Your Investment

$15,000 for 100 Bankers

  • Hours of the most practical LinkedIn training for financial services professionals
  • LIVE mentoring for associates and leaders
  • Just in time mini-sprints
  • Social selling library
  • 24/7 community


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Who will benefit?

  • Executives 

  • Senior Leaders

  • Branch Managers

  • Commercial and Business Bankers

  • Treasury Management Associates

  • Mortgage Professional

  • Marketing Officers

Anyone who incorporates LinkedIn (or should) into their sales DNA
Learn it today, use it tomorrow, and enjoy the results for years to come!

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